each RS Atelier ballroom dress is create from the imagination and inspiration of designer Silvia Bagnoli, with her long experience in the world of dance, her imagination and her artistic skills she always manages to create beautiful and exclusive ballroom dresses, the RS Atelier dance dress combines comfort in wearing it with the glamor of its image.
when 15 years ago we started working on the project of the Frak RS Atelier the goal was to bring tradition and love for the work of tailoring made in Tuscany to the world of dance, after years of work and study we can claim to have made a Frak comfortable to wear and flawless in the image, the Frak RS Atelier is worn with pleasure and pride by many champions of the dance.
the dance practice line for men and women created by designer Silvia Bagnoli is designed and created to combine comfort in use with elegance in the image, the continuous research and the desire to present news allows us to have a modern training line and able to meet the needs of our customers.


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