episode #1

(Kristina & Marco)

Kristina Charitonovaite & Marco Bodini share their idea about the partnership in the dance couple with a funny video.

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episode #2

(Irina & Yahor)

Irina Averina & Yahor Boldysh share experience and feeling with RS Atelier.

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episode #3

(Francesca & Valerio)

Francesca Beretta & Valerio  Postini (Italia) share how start competition in right energy.

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episode #4

(Anastasia & Alexey)

Anastasia Glazunova & Alexey Glukhov (Russia) tell us that to improve your dance you must learn to improve your life.

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episode #5

(Olga & Dmitry)

Olga Kulikova & Dmitry Zharkov (Russia) share little tips to improve your dance.

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episode #6

(Yana & Ivan)

Yana Masharova & Ivan Varfolomeev (Russia) share with you 3 point of connection.

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episode #7

(Catharina & Vaclav)

Catharina Malek & Vaclav Malek (Austria) share with you our idea about Dance Sport

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episode #8

(Andreea & Rares)

Andreea Matei & Rares Cojoc share some facts about them partnerships.

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episode #9


Alessandro Camerotto, Italia, share the concept of stillness.

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episode #10


Andrea Roccatti, Italia, share himself with you.

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episode #11

(Pamela & Mirko)

Pamela Romano & Mirko Spano, USA, share their idea about practice routine.

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